Why tight-knit squad is key for winning in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an exciting battle royal game that is built on the premise of teamwork. There are no solo or duo modes, and players work together to survive. Here, you need to pick legends that suit your playing style and complement them with the right squadmates. 

Without a favorable combination of abilities, your team will likely be defeated by rivals who picked their company wisely. Preparation and prior knowledge of the game world are important. Here are five reasons why a tight-knit squad ensures the highest chances of emerging victorious.

1. You don’t have a choice

There are around 60 players involved in each game, and they are split into teams of three. If you can invite a couple of friends to join you in the virtual world, you are lucky. Otherwise, you must learn to cooperate with players you don’t know. The only things you can pick are your own character and the Legends who support you. Your skills must be complementary to ensure competitive advantages. Since the game revolves around teamwork, effective cooperation and synergy are essential.

2. Characters are most effective in a team

Of course, each character has their own exceptional abilities. However, they are best used during team play.

3. Your team will watch your back

In Apex Legends, you cannot survive alone. Squad members will support you and help ward off enemy attacks.

3. You can be revived

If your health drops to zero, do not consider yourself automatically doomed. With a teammate still living, you will merely be “knocked down”, which means you can still ping, crawl and open or close doors but for 90 seconds only. You may be revived if a teammate makes way towards you. This player will need to hold their Interact key, which causes your health to be gradually refilled. You can revive other teammates in the same fashion.

4. You can be respawned

Even if you do die, you can get a second chance, and so do your teammates. Any killed member of the squad leaves behind their loot and banner. This banner must be obtained by a teammate who then has to bring it to one of the Respawn Beacons scattered across the terrain. Again, the time allocated for the task is 90 seconds. Like revival, the operation takes 7 seconds and requires holding down the Interact key.

5. Communication is everything

In order to help each other out, squad members need to pass on messages. Apex Legends has a built-in system which is perfect for communication between team members and does not require a mic. Teammates have to alert each other about any threats they spot, their own location, or approaching opponents. Pinging is simple and quick. It facilitates productive cooperation, which is vitally important for victory.

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