Top tips to improve your Apex Legends results

Less than a year since its release, Apex Legends is already one of the hottest games. There are plenty of expert tips you could use to boost your stats. Here are the main things to bear in mind. 

1. Increase your movement speed

In any battle royale game, speed is essential. There are dozens of competing squads, and you need to explore the island in search of resources. The tricky thing is that all characters walk and run at identical speeds (except for those with movement-altering abilities). So how can you possibly move faster than rivals?

When armed, you are slower

Movement tests conducted by YouTuber T_status, showed that every unarmed character sprints at around 7.4 m/s. Holding any weapon reduces that speed to roughly 6.5 m/s – by over 12%. The type of weapon has no significance – a pistol and a rifle will have the same effect when you walk without aiming. 

When aiming, however, speed penalties vary depending on the weapon. Therefore, you had better holster your weapons when trying to outrun the ring or escape quickly. This can be done by holding the swap weapons button (triangle) or pressing “3” on PC.

Sliding is the fastest way

Bear in mind that the fastest way to move is sliding, rather than sprinting. The option is activated by running and pressing the crouch button (O, or Ctrl on PC). For example, in the test video, an unarmed player managed to slide downhill at a speed of 11.9 m/s – almost 61% quicker than the highest running speed. Holding a weapon drawn or being aimed had a little negative impact, bringing the speed of sliding speed to 11.3 m/s (still a 53% boost in comparison with sprinting). Finally, sliding allows you to heal to 100% without any speed penalty while sprinting when healing is impossible. 

2. Improve your jumps

In the game, characters are unable to perform any double jumps. However, they do have jetpacks to facilitate their drops. A Jumpmaster must always propel himself or herself forward to ensure maximum speed (left stick or W for PC). Otherwise, there will be a lazy drop in free fall. 

Simply soaring forward is counterproductive – you merely lose your steam, while any spot located further than 750 meters away is unreachable. To maintain speed on lengthy distances, use gravity and pay close attention to the gauges on the sides of the screen. The left one measures the airspeed of your squad, while the other one shows your altitude. 

Start by flying straight but watch the airspeed indicator. Once it falls below 130, dive (by tilting your camera towards the ground) for a couple of seconds to accelerate, but not straight downwards. As soon as you regain speed of at least 140, flatten out before resuming your straight flight. 

These are just a few of the hidden mechanics of Apex Legends. There are many other hints and design elements you can use to your advantage.

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