How to use stats trackers in Apex Legends

Avid fans have been racking up numerous victories in Apex Legends. However, if you try to access your personal stats, you will be confused. Despite the popularity of this virtual battle universe, discovering one’s own stats requires effort. Currently, leaderboards simply do not exist. Of course, googling returns a few tracker sites, but these third-party platforms are not entirely reliable.  So, what should a player do?


The game developers have not yet created a platform where you could head to see your total counts. There is no official Apex Legends tracker. Nevertheless, a player could figure out their total by visiting individual character pages and doing a few calculations. 

The system allows you to access the entire volume of statistics recorded for any character in the game. However, bear in mind the price of displaying those stats. Unlocking all of the information on the Legends page costs a whopping 1380 Crafting Metals. The currency is only found in Apex Packs, which, in turn, may only be unlocked by either spending Alex Coins or leveling up.

Where to go for kills

Do you need to know how many enemy warriors you have destroyed? It is doable and involves a few steps. Here is how to go about it: 

  1. Head to the main menu;
  2. Open the tab titled Legends;
  3. Pick your character. 

Please note the limitations: nothing but character-based statistics may be checked. If you wish to proudly display these figures on your banner, this is not free. It may be completed either for 30 Crafting Metals or by using Apex Packs for unlocking.

In summary, to check the overall number of your kills, you may only go through all characters and do the maths. Although the method is far from ideal or convenient, it is the only reliable opportunity there is, and it is guaranteed to provide accurate estimates. 

Where to go for wins

In order to check your total victories, you have to go through the stages described above. On the same Legends tab, you can select the required character and view the wins recorded for this very character. Again, to get the total you will have to add up the numbers for all of your characters. This is a simple calculation, but the need to do so is annoying.

Another tricky thing is that the stats will merely display victories achieved with a full squad. Thus, if any of your teammates dies during the win, it will not be recorded. Putting the stats on your banner is worth the same amount of Crafting Metals as the kill count.

At the moment, respawn has not announced any plans to develop leaderboard tools. Some gaming experts assume these could be included in the Ranked Mode for the game. It was spotted in some of the title files for data miners. Some fans have even come up with their own ideas for an official tracker. However, these proposals have not been addressed by Respawn yet.

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