Apex Legends record stats

In Apex Legends, players work in squads of three. The concept of the game is built on the premise of teamwork and effective collaboration. On this island with dozens of rival teams and varying types of terrain, you cannot survive without the support of squad mates. 

Hence, all the records available to date refer to the trio format. It is yet unclear whether Respawn will add other modes, such as duo and solo, in the near future. So, who has raked the biggest numbers of eliminations so far? This depends on the type of computer equipment. 

Here are the records for Apex Legends kills as of May 25, 2019. 

PC records

  • In the Solo vs Trio category, the current record holder is Mendokusaii with 36 kills (since February 19). 
  • In the Trio group, the winner’s title is shared between nOOOK and Gnaske_Lone_TTV, and ya_em_detei_lol, who scored 46 kills on May 25. 

Console records (Xbox One/PS4)

  • The Solo vs. trio record title is held by Asapan (35 kills on March 1).
  • In the Trio category, the title is shared between Gaitor_423, Pensatas, and ImCadillackin (45 kills on February 20).

Have you beaten those records? The following paragraphs will explain how you can check your personal records in Apex Legends stats. If you can top the record holders, submit your attempt to tracker sites with sufficient (preferably video) supporting evidence. You could also put your achievements both kills or victories on your banner for everyone to see. This will cost you 30 Crafting Metals for each stat. This currency is only available from Apex Packs, and the latter is unlocked via spending Alex Coins or leveling up.

How to calculate your own total kills

Since there is no official leaderboard to help you monitor your achievements, getting the total score requires work. You need to first check your kills for each character played and then add the numbers up. The maths is simple, but it is not clear why game developers have not yet come up with a convenient universal solution. Here is the sequence of steps to follow:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Open the Legends tab.
  3. Pick your character and check the kill total.
  4. Add up the scores for all the characters you played.

Calculating victories

if you would also like to check your victory score, repeat the steps listed above. On the same tab, you can pick each character and view the victories recorded for this very Legend. Again, to calculate the total you have to do the maths across all of your characters. Despite the simplicity of addition, the need to perform it is annoying to many.

Another thing to remember is that the stats will get here will only reflect wins secured with a full squad. Hence, if any one of your groupmates is killed in the process, the victory does not get recorded. 

Unfortunately, no plans for leaderboard have been announced so far. It is suggested that we may see the feature in the Ranked Mode for the battle royale game. Some players have offered their own ideas for a tracker, but Respawn has not commented on those yet.

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