Apex Legends for complete beginners

If you have a penchant for spectacular video games, you must try Apex Legends. It is a brainchild of Respawn Entertainment that appeared in early 2019 with no preceding marketing campaign. Its popularity has since been soaring, and for a good reason. Currently, Apex Legends is free to play on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and Origin for PC.

This mind-blowing blend of diverse elements is reminiscent of Titanfall – another Respawn’s project, and other games classified as battle royale, evolving narrative, and class-based shooter. There are a few things to bear in mind before you start. Here is a basic guide for newbies. 


Around six dozen players are engaged in the rivalry on an island. They are divided into squads of three, where one player decides where his squad lands. Then, the teammates scavenge for weapons and other items, as they start off with zero resources. Sections of the Arena with various types of terrain offer different tiers of loot. The higher the tier of a weapon, the more powerful it is. Thus, the highest-tier area is where everyone tries to get. As the squads are fighting one another, the play area is slowly shrinking, until only one winning squad is left, which marks the end of the game. 

1. Legends and playstyles

There are no differences between the virtual rivals in terms of their speed, firepower, or overall strength. However, their abilities vary, so you need to pick a Legend that best correlates with your style of playing while adding to your squad. Determine what role you enjoy playing and choose your Legends accordingly. 

For instance, Gibraltar will act as a shield between the squad and the enemies. Pathfinder will help your teammates travel long distances in order to ambush the opponents. Lifeline will be there to provide health boosts to the squad. 

3. Communicate via smart comms

Crucial information is communicated between squad mates via a special in-game system. It allows for useful locations and items to be pinged on the screens. Hence, you may specify and pinpoint your gear pieces, draw attention to threats and announce your chosen direction.

3. Keep close to your teammates

This is not the place where striking out on your own works. In Apex Legends, squad play is a crucial element central to the entire concept. You will have to learn to cooperate efficiently. You will find yourself jumping into the arena with two squad members to support you. Through productive teamwork, you will outmaneuver your rivals while keeping each other safe and using complementary abilities wisely.

For example, Wrath may perform a Dimensional Rift to place her teammates on top of enemies, and Caustic can use his Hox gas toward rivals off. 

Remember that a tightly-knit team is key to success. Members may even revive each other using Respawn Beacons. Despite the risks of the operation, it is often the only way for all squadmates to stay in the game.

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